Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween 2005


Aaaahhh, I love, love, love Halloween! Always have....usually, we went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, have for years. But this year, with a new baby, I decided to make my own Halloween Horror Nights....by having a Haunted Halloween party!

Oh, it was so much fun...I love decorating for Halloween....I love to bake and make all kinds of creepy foods for Halloween, I love to dress up! I’m really just a big, dumb kid at heart and love, love, love Halloween! And I confess, I go ALL out for Halloween. Who wants to just call your family and friends with the invite, when you can buy specially bought Halloween stationary to make your own invitations? And who wants to type it up in regular Times Roman font when you can use CHILLER? (Sorry, the blog format doesn't have that font for me to use here). And who wants to serve up spinach dip as just plain old spinach dip, when you can call it “Hair of Witch”? And why set out a big bowl of pasta, and just call it pasta, when you can gross everyone out with the name of “Brains of the Dead”? And peeled grapes make excellent dead eyeballs, in case you didn’t already know. You get my drift? I really love Halloween.

So I begin decorating for Halloween on October 1st....that’s how much Halloween stuff I have. I bought a pumpkin outfit for baby and spent the better part of an entire Saturday afternoon struggling with him to get THE PERFECT picture to adorn our Halloween holiday cards...yes, folks, I even create and mail out our own family Halloween holiday cards....told you I was a Halloween nut, didn’t I? And not only do I mail out Halloween picture cards, I enclose a Halloween poem, appropriate in content to the picture on the Halloween card...I called it “My Li’l Pumpkin”.

The party turned out to be a rousing success....the right mixture of family and friends, big kids and little kids...food and fun....creepy, spooky Halloween music and lights, drifting through every room in the house. I had created my own Halloween coloring books, and even the adults colored them. People that I didn’t expect would dress up, did! Jessica and her boyfriend made a spectacularly ghouly couple. Jared made a very authentic Batman (his current idol). And Ashley was a very anorexic cow. Adrian was a leopard lady, and Stacy was an angel. We watched kid-friendly Halloween cartoons (Snoopy and Charlie Brown, etc.); the food disappeared like I was feeding an army of refugees, and everyone loved, loved, loved my Halloween colored jello shots, especially Gloria!

I just love Halloween....I wish I could celebrate it once every three months! Enjoy the pics!

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