Friday, April 24, 2009

November 2007

November of 2007 went something like this for me: cough, cough, hack, hack, wrap, wrap, pack, pack. Between being sick for the 8th month in a row, we were packing to move. I do not recall a lot of that month, for between working, taking care of an almost-3-year-old and two babies, packing to move, and dripping, sneezing and coughing up my body weight every week in phlem, I was exhausted.

I did rally a few days near the end of the month for three giant, celebratory meals. The first being my parents' wedding anniversary dinner on Monday night, and for Thanksgiving just three days later, and then the babies' baptism, three days after that. I realized just in time: "Hey! Thanksgiving is in a few days." My house was a wreck and I was still weak from being so sick, so it was Grill Masters for the anniversary dinner, and the Holiday Inn to the rescue for Thanksgiving Day dinner. It was a wonderful, lovely, delicious buffet. And don't tell Martha Stewart, but I actually kinda liked not having to clean house, cook, serve, and then clean house again after the meal. Maybe I was on to something here, perhaps? At any rate, Thanksgiving of 2007, while a little different, was just so very thankful, for this year we had not one, but TWO new babies to be eternally grateful for.

And then, just like we did with Alex's baptism two years earlier, we held Austin and Andrew's of the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving. Friends and family were all there to love us and show their support.

Another blessed day, which thankfully I remained feeling pretty well for, and then a wonderful lunch afterwards with family and friends at First Place cafe.

Father, I commit this Baptism Day into Your most precious and loving hands. I believe that by Your crucifixion on the Cross, my old self was rendered powerless and I was freed from all sin. You were raised from the dead that I too may live a life victorious and overcoming all evil.

Father, this day, I rededicate myself to live in You and live a life for Your glory. I remember the day when I was baptized and washed off all my sins. Lord, it is Your grace that I must be counted worthy to be called Your child. Help me to keep Your commandments. Renew my strength this day that I may be strong in faith and increase in zeal. Preserve me for the glorious day of Your coming. I believe Your Word which says, "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ". Let this day be the beginning. Lead me into greater spiritual depths even in the coming days. In Jesus' precious name I pray.