Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God, Backhoes and UFOs

Having a three year old is a lot of fun...one morning, on the way to school, we saw a lot of backhoes at the construction site across from school. So I purposely drove by the construction site and slowed down so Alex could look, and all you could hear from the back of the van was, "Wow! Mommy! Look at dat backhoe! What is dat, Mommy? That a backhoe?", etc., etc., etc. Then, when we got to the parking lot, every hole in the parking lot, which was caused by the recent rain, every cement glob in the parking lot, every crack in the sidewalk, Alex would ask: "That made by a backhoe?" Or "a backhoe did that?" Then, upon seeing the large sinkhole in front of the education building, Alex asked if that was made by a backhoe. I told him, "no, that is part of the Earth. It's a sinkhole. God made that." Alex then asked, "Did God use a backhoe?" ....I told him yes....now he thinks God is so cool for using a backhoe!

That's Alex's new word, "Cool", that, and "awesome!" You hear that a lot now, "wow, that's cool" or "wow, that's awesome". So if he thinks God is cool and awesome, then we're doing something right! I really think we are, because he now can say his own prayers, and, when we do the nighttime prayers and we ask God to bless everyone, he always says, at the very end, "And God Bless Jesus!"

However, one night Alex was playing with his wrecker truck. He noticed where the hook part on the back of the wrecker was missing, so he says: "Mommy, where my hooker? I need a hooker!" I was a little distracted from across the playroom and did not see what he was doing, so I jerked my head up real quick and looked over at him and said, "WHAT?" He saw my reaction and said, again, "Mommy, I need a hooker...now! Get me a hooker!" I could only think to myself, please, Lord, don't let him be saying things like this at school or church! It's so hard when they say funny things to not just burst out laughing! I say again, only Alex!

We had a couple of very gruesome experiences with more UFOs recently. Actually, Aunt Chris saw her first UFO the day of Andrew's surgery. She and dad were watching Austin and Alex while Mom, Pete and I were at the hospital during Andrew's surgery. She found a UFO (unidentified food object) in the play room. She said at first she thought it was a piece of sausage, but after closer inspection, she determined that it had, in it's former life, been some variety of pasta. The jury is still out on that exact determination. Pasta's good enough for me! And then last night, I had all three of the boys in the play room and was trying to turn Austin around on my lap. My hand grabbed his belly to turn him and I felt something around his belly button. I looked at it, and it was either: 1) the biggest, jumbo-sized, greenest, gooiest, stickiest booger EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND; or 2) a chewed-up, spit-out piece of green-grape Fruit Roll-Up. I do not know, but Austin and mommy underwent a sink full of handwashing right then, just to be safe. As anyone who knows me know....I'll trade you 10 poppy diapers to one snotty nose, any day of the week. Anything below the waist, I can handle...it's all the "stuff" from the neck up that I grow weak in the knees at...and with three little boys 3 and under...there's a lot of both!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life With 3 boys goes on!

So we roll into 2008 in our new house, with our three boys. Austin, in one day, started saying 3 new words: cookie, thank you, and kit-cat. It started one morning, he was looking at the cookie jar and was babbling, so I wasn't paying too much attention, but then, all of sudden, he said, "cookie" and pointed. So I happily gave him one, and said, "OK, Austin, what do we say? We say thank you." And he looked at me and said it. Sort of babbled it, of course, but you could understand him. Then, old Luck-luck came into the room, and Austin is just fascinated with him, and out of the blue, he said, "kit-cat!" Three new words, in one day!

One Sunday, Alex really hammed it up at Sunday brunch himself. We were with Aunt Chris and, as usual, we were the loudest, messiest people there. We always take a table near the back, so people can avoid us if they wish. Well, next to us one aisle over was a group of older ladies, just out of church, too, having a nice brunch. Very sweet, very peaceful (well, as peaceful as it gets sitting near us). Austin is going through a food-throwing stage and Alex is just Alex. Always a puddle around him. He likes blowing bubbles through his straw now. And Andrew dropped his bottle and the top came off and formula went everywhere. Napkins everywhere, straw wrappers everywhere, wet wipes everywhere, juice boxes falling over, food on the floor. A true zoo. So near the end of the meal, Alex gets down from his chair and is standing by Austin's high chair at the end of the table. Alex steps right into all the mess on that end of the table. Alex announces, very loudly, just so the whole restaurant can hear, "good heavens, Austin, what a mess! This place is a pig pen!" (Hhhmm, where do you think he picked up that, huh?)

Then, later that night, our grandson Jared come over to spend the night. Jared was 7 to Alex's 3 years old at the time. Now, Alex had not managed to get a nap in this day, and was edgy and tired. However, he was so ecstatic to see Jared, he got just downright nutty. At one point, Alex and Jared were sitting together side-by-side on the couch, reading (well, Jared was reading, Alex was listening and looking at the pictures). Alex had a dirty (number 2) diaper and Jared smelled it, so he moved away. Alex scooted over by him. Jared got up and moved to the other couch. Alex followed. I finally got a whiff of the problem, and checked Alex's butt. Yep, time for a diaper change. Off to the changing table. Alex threw a royal fit, a real fit, struggling and crying and mad. He thought I was taking him away from playing with Jared. I tried to explain that I just wanted to change his diaper and would take him back to play with Jared, but the conversation went like this:

Me: Alex, calm down, I need to change your diaper.

Alex (crying): Why?

Me: Coz it's messy.

Alex (crying): Why?

Me: Because you pooped in your pants instead of telling your daddy or me that you need to go potty.

Alex (crying): Why?

Me: I don't know why, you know you should tell us and we'll help you go potty.

Alex (crying): Why?

Me: Because we want you to be clean and not poop your pants.

Alex (calming down): What you doing now?

Me: Putting a clean diaper on you.

Alex: Why?

Me (getting frustrated): Because you need a clean diaper on your bottom.

Alex: Why?

Me (very frustrated now): Why, what, Alex?

Alex: Why you puttin' a new diaper on me?

Me (exasperated now to the point of tears): Just because. You tell me why.

Alex: Well, I don't know why. Coz I'm just gonna poop it again!

Welcome to my world!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to the Time-Line Driven Blog here - 2008 begins

The year 2008 dawned with us continuing to settle into our new house, recover from the holidays, and pray that I recover from the flu. On January 3rd, 2008, we welcomed a new baby into the family...but this time, our grandchild! Lukas, second born son of my step-son and his wife, was born bringing the current total of little boys in our immediate family to 8! A healthy baby, a happy family, and almost our own baseball team...what better way to start the new year!

On January 8, 2008, for the very first time, unassisted, at 10 ½ months, our middle son, Austin, took his very first steps! What a big boy he was. He really took off after that...by January 13, he was completely walking everywhere on his own, but then it was on to climbing, climbing and more climbing. On his second day of walking, he discovered climbing, and even managed to get up onto the bathroom counter!

January 8, 2008 was a big day for another reason: at 1:45 PM, we had the final hearing for Andrew's adoption! He was now and forever officially ("fish-al" according to Alex) OURS!

A week later it was time to celebrate my birthday, and I must have been really sick for the last few months, because my entire family took enough pity on me to get me almost a year’s worth of spa gift certificates! Oh, the massages I was gonna get with those! Relaxation here I come!

Alex is such a good big brother to Austin (rooti-tooti) and Andrew (mody), his nicknames for his brothers. He used to get a little jealous sometimes, especially in the mornings when we would get the babies up and carry them in to the kitchen. Alex wanted to be carried in to the kitchen, too. But at 43 pounds, he was just too heavy to carry anymore. So I would try to get him to hold hands and walk, but some mornings, he just didn't want to. So he'd stand in the hallway and cry, "But mommy, you have to carry me! I'll fall if you don't!" I'd tell him, "No, you won't fall. You're a big boy!" So he'd take a couple of steps, then with such drama and exaggeration you would not believe it, he'd throw himself down on the hallway floor, start crying and say, "See, mommy, I told you I'd fall down!" And the wailing, sobbing and whining begins. What drama! The Academy Awards committee needs to keep their eyes on him. Where does he get it?

During the first weeks at the new house, we watched a lot of HGTV for ideas on projects for our new house. You hear on HGTV a lot phrases like "3-bedroom, 2.5 bath", or "4 bedroom, 3 and a half bath''; "Living room, dining-room, den, curbside appeal" , etc. Alex really picked up on a lot of these phrases and began to walk through our house counting the bedrooms and bathrooms, saying "curb-side appeal", "large lot", and other real estate lingo. And, at other people's houses, or even just driving through the neighborhood, he'd say, "that house has 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half bath!" Or "that house has play room!" If Hollywood doesn't work out for him, real estate may be his thing!

Along that line, he woke me up early one morning to watch cartoons. It was still very early and the infomercials were still airing on television. He must have seen one about credit counseling, because he woke me at 6 AM, saying "have too much credit card debt? Call us now or apply online!" I was just praying he didn't catch a late-night or early morning Viagra commercial...and then with my luck, start talking about erectile disfunction as church or school!

Yup, 2008 was starting off to be a banner year at our house! The year of the Triple A Threat!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Tagging Game

OK, apparently while I've been busy with tax season, two trials coming up at work, adding two rooms and a deck to our house, raising 3 boys and preparing for the arrival of our latest addition due to be born in 6 weeks, I've been TAGGED by two friends and fellow bloggers, and I'm just now getting around to tagging it forward. Wow, am I bad at this or what? And my brain is so fried these days with everything going on that I actually had to print out the rules to this tag game in order to remind me to follow through, and then do it. Please bear with me...the baby isn't even here yet, and I'm already walking around in a daze....

OK, the rules to the tag game are:

Mention the blogger that tagged you and be sure to link to them. I was tagged by Beth at and by Lisa at http://pinkinahouseofblues.blogspot.com/. They are both great moms, great people and great bloggers, so please go check them out!

Next, post your lists of 8s.

Then tag 8 bloggers of your choice and tell them!

OK, here goes, folks:

8 Favorite Foods:

1) Pizza
2) Tacos
3) Fettucine Alfredo, or for that matter, anything Italian
4) Sub sandwiches
4) Eggs, almost any way you can cook 'em
5) Chocolate chip cookies, warm right out of the oven
6) Peanut Butter milkshakes
7) My mom's potatoe salad
8) Grilled cheese sandwich and tomatoe soup

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1) The birth of our daughter next month
2) Our vacation starting next Friday
3) Losing 20 more pounds
4) Getting all this [bleeping] work done on the house....FINALLY
5) Getting my hair done next week
6) Finishing my Cherish Bound family projects
7) The birth of our latest grandchild in October
8) Cooler weather in the Fall

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1) Got up EARLY
2) Worked on Cherish Bound
3) Put in full day at office
4) Went to my Weight Watchers meeting
5) Went to Wal-Mart and got the boys their sleeping bags
6) Played "Snaggle-Tooth Loader truck games" with Alex
7) Talked to my mom about her eye surgery today
8) Watched an episode on DVD of Desperate Housewives

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1) Have a HUGE family reunion
2) Vacay in Mexico, Hawaii, Asia, Africa and Italy
3) See my kids all grow up and be happy, healthy, successful, responsible and respectful, and just overall good people
4) Go back to playing piano, violin and clarinet, learn guitar
5) Write a book
6) Travel extensively with my family and expose my kids to as much of the country and the world as I can
7) Start a charitable organization
8) Make sure that everyone I love, knows how much I love them

8 Shows I Watch

1) Desperate Housewives
2) Law and Order
3) Law and Order SVU
4) Jon & Kate Plus 8
5) ER
6) House
7) Anything on HGTV
8) Anything on the Travel Channel

8 Way In Which I Kill Time

1) Read
2) Blog
3) Email
4) Watch TV
Honestly, I just don't have a lot of time to kill....

8 Bloggers...TAG, YOU'RE IT!


Wishing all of you a great day! MUAH!

Friday, May 8, 2009

December 2007

Well, we survived the three big meals in one week during Thanksgiving week, and I probably gained 20 pounds that week alone. You would think with all that good food in me, that I would have stayed well for a while, but I did not. I fell sick again, just at the end of November. I was gasping, rasping sick on the day we closed on our new house, December 3rd. We were scheduled to move the next day, and I had planned on going to work, but I woke up barely able to breath. Quite literally, barely able to breath. I scared Pete horribly with the way I looked and sounded, and was rushed to the doctor's office and sent home with more drugs than skid row, and banished to my bed, which was kinda hard to do considering they were loading my bed up for the move.

I ended up not going to work the rest of that week, and barely managed to do anything to assist in the move. The first thing assembled at the new house was my bed, and I crawled in it and stayed there (and my new hot tub) for the better part of a week.

Uncle Albert and Aunt Nell come to visit from their home in Alabama to (1) help with the move and the kids; and (2) take home the parts of the screen porch from the old house, now affectionately known as the "Roach House" ever since Alex found a dead cockroach in the garage on one of many trips back to the house to finish moving out. They stayed for about a week, and we had an early Christmas with them. We even managed to put up a small Christmas tree we found in the move. Between that, some candy canes, some Christmas music on the radio, and some hot cocoa, we did manage to fool ourselves into thinking we were celebrating Christmas.

I again rallied just long enough in mid-December to actually look human for our family holiday pictures. I even managed to get them sent out, along with our annual holiday newsletter. I also forced myself to attend our annual adoption Christmas party, where Pete plays Santa every year, but other than that, and our annual Christmas Eve children's service at church, followed by the traditional family gathering at Gloria's place, for the most part, the month of December passed in a blurry, congested, drugged haze (for me) of packing, moving, hacking, coughing, dripping, sneezing, aching, wrapping (presents), unwrapping (moving boxes and presents) and a general flurry of activity for a working mom of three babies who just moved, while sick, in the month of December.

How I ever survived that month I will never know...just please, dear Lord, don't ever make me repeat that again every in my life.