Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for a Trim!

Alex and Austin decided to play barber shop one day. Both boys were in the bathroom while Pete was dressing and shaving for Family Dinner Night, and Alex was watching Pete very closely while Pete used his side burn trimmer. He asked questions, Pete answered questions, and when Pete put it up and away after he was done, he made the colossal mistake of turning his back for one moment. The boys got ahold of the sideburn trimmer, took it outside, Austin sat down on the steps and bent his head down, and Alex proceeded to shave Austin's head! Yep, our middle son is now known as baboon butt! We don't even know what to do with it. There is no pattern to it. Just one big streak on the top, middle of his head, and then a big, round spot on the back of his head. Pete says at least Austin looks a little like him now.

When Pete found them, he had to walk away, he was laughing so hard. It was much later before he could actually talk to Alex about the possible dangers of what he had just done, without laughing. Austin doesn't seem to mind it, and it's only hair: it'll grow back. But it is funny looking, to see our little, round jock Austin, now with this weird, half-reverse mohawk haircut! When Austin gets older, I'm afraid Alex is going to have to look out! At the very least, I'm sure Austin will wait until one night when Alex is asleep and then paint his fingernails, or draw a magic-marker mustache on Alex, or both! Boys!


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh no! I'm fearful that my son will do something like this. He took his kid scissors and cut up his bed sheet, his mattress, and our living room couch! Ouch! But he didn't touch his hair.

Thank goodness hair grows back, right?

Maru and Fico said...

LOL "There is no pattern to it." You're so funny!!! But, hey - there IS a pattern to it. It even has a name! It's the "half-reverse mohawk haircut"! LOL ;o)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm sending you an e-mail right now. :o) -Maru

Julie said...

Bwahahaha. My kids have done this. I would shave it all off and start again.

Sally Bacchetta said...

Oh, I'm sorry, but that is HYSTERICAL! I can't stop laughing!

Michelle said...

Too funny! Thanks for getting my day off with a laugh! Found you over at CafeMom!

Dee said...

As they say...."Kids do the darndest things!"

only your boys!! LOL gotta love them.