Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mother's Day 2008

That was a good weekend: we first went to a Mother's Day banquet at church on Friday night. Mom couldn't make it because of work, of course, but Aunt Chris went and there was dinner and then dancing by a troop of young girls, and singing by some members of our church, and a Mother's Day poem read by a youth in our church.

On Sunday after church, the whole family (us, the boys, Mark, Granny, Pawpaw and Aunt Chris) went back to one of favorite places, the Gateway Grand, where we'd been for our Easter brunch. It was, as always, delicious. Austin had his first bite of chocolate mousse there. After brunch, we came back to our house, where we all exchanged Mother's Day cards and gifts...and unbeknownst to any of us ahead of time, we all got the same thing for each other....a fruit, marshmallow and chocolate Edible Arrangement!

After naps that afternoon, we went to the duck pond to spend a lazy afternoon feeding the ducks. It was a relaxed, enjoyable time, but a lot of other families must have had that idea for Mother's Day too, because the ducks hardly ate any bread at all. But Alex had a good time...he kept running very close to the water's edge, making me a nervous wreck. Austin was fascinated by it all, kept pointing, grunting and yelling, "dat"! But after hours spent there, trudging through duck doo-doo, bird doo-doo, mucky, muddy water, and two poopy diaper changes while there, Alex decided he'd had enough. He announced, loudly and firmly, "Let's go, this place is a mess!"
Discriminating this fella, eh?


Manic Mother said...

Thats a cute story, Alex is right though, that place is a mess. So much poo...

Nancy said...

Great mother's day story. I loved that you all got each other the same gift. Great minds think alike!