Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome 2009!

2009 began with a bang, but how could it not with my three boys? It was the first weekend of 2009, a Saturday morning....ah, let me reflect briefly on my life BC (before children). Saturday morning meant sleeping late, waking up to throw in a load of laundry and a start a pot of coffee. I would sit in the kitchen of my old, old as in former, house, at the kitchen counter and beside the sliding glass doors looking out over my backyard. I would watch the birds and squirrels in my backyard, thinking over various gardening projects, drink my wonderful, hot coffee, cup after cup, smell the freshly scented fabric softener I used in my load of laundry, read the newspaper, leisurely, and listen to the soothing sounds of Bach, Brahms or Beethoven on my CD player. My morning would slowly unfold as I would plan my day, my weekend, and the next week.

The first Saturday of 2009 began with the Triple A Threat careening through the house like rabid monkeys on espresso, with a Red Bull chaser. Alex leading the pack, of course, with his brothers chasing him, pushing, pulling and dragging things down on the floor behind him to inhibit his brothers' chase. Austin probably had a boat or another tub toy with him, and a bottle, and Andrew took up the rear, dragging his disheveled mee-moo (favorite blanket) behind him.

Alex, at some point, grabbed the kitchen phone and inadvertently dialed 911. The operator answered and, hearing chaos and not getting an intelligent reply, dispatched a car to our house. Glad to know our tax dollars pay for some very efficient law enforcement prevention in this town; however, in this instance, law enforcement was not needed....well, not very much, at any rate...I do have three boys, so ya never know.

So I get up, not even having had half a cup of cold coffee yet, and am rolling through the house, bitching and moaning about all the mess. "Good Lord, isn't it bad enough I can't even sleep late on the one morning of the week that I don't have to go anywhere? What's going on around here? What's all this mess? Who did all this? Where are you boys?"


Me, tripping over yet another toy in the kitchen, still in my raggedy Bob Marley T-shirt and paint-stained sweat pants, hair all over the place like I'd stuck my finger in a light socket, hollered, "Who the hell is this? Who in their right mind rings someone's door bell at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? It's better not be...."

Yank open door. See (LARGE) police officer, with his hand on this piece. Uh-oh.

"Um, good morning, officer, can I help you?" Immediately upon seeing all the blood drain from my face, because I figured the neighbors had finally had enough of my human wrecking crew and had called the po-pos, my boys ran to my side to see who was at our door. All three of them, with saggy, smelly pull-ups, sleep-encrusted eyes, bare feet, and their odd assortment of crapola that they carry with them at all times.

"Is everything OK here, ma'am? Because we got a 911 call from this address."

"You did? Huh? We didn't call 911!"

"Well, someone here dialed 911 and didn't say anything, but the operator heard a lot of yelling and screaming and things falling and crashing. So since we couldn't get a response from anyone on the phone, the operator is required to dispatch a unit to do a well-being check, just to make sure everyone is OK, that no one is....."

Me, interrupting him, "yeah, yeah, yeah, no one is being murdered or anything. I get it. Well, I'm sure it sounded that way, because it always sounds that way around here, but we're all OK as it gets in this house."

Alex, to officer, "Hey, cop, can I shoot your gun?"

Me, dying here, "ALEX!"

Officer: "No, buddy, I sure can't let you do that...."

Alex, interrupting, "Hey, officer, you wanna come in and play with me and my brudders, and we can play cops and bad guys?"

Austin and Andrew, now jumping up and down, chiming in: "yeah, yeah, yeah, shoot gun!"

Well, we don't call them the Triple A Threat for nuthin'!

The officer laughed, said he understood because he has kids of his own, and just gave the boys a warning about playing with the phone, and listening to their Mommy! Off he went, to right real crime, and left me with....3 boys. No need for coffee anymore, my adrenaline was roaring through my veins by now.

Welcome, 2009!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Great '08 Wrap-Up

It being close to a year since I've blogged regularly, I'm just gonna wrap up the year 2008 in one post. Nah, it would have nothing to do with the fact that, as a full-time-office-working mother of 4 kids...well, 5 including the hubs, that I can hardly remember last night's dinner, much less almost two years ago. I actually had to go back and look at my scrapbook pictures to remember anything at all. Thanksgiving of 2008 had only two pictures. Yup, that's right...2. In a family as large as ours, and as OCD as I am about photographing every moment of my children's lives as humanly possible, to only be able to find two pictures of a major holiday like Thanksgiving is disturbing. That must have been a real hair-puller of a day. Which also does not make a lot of sense, because according to the pictures, we dined in a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner that year. Although, given the chance, my kids act worse when eating out in public, just because they know it drives me bat-bleep crazy. And a day without driving momma batty, is like a day without sunshine to them. Hmmm, hoped I enjoyed it at the time, coz I sure don't remember it now.

Anyways, on to Christmas. Quite a bit more photos of Christmas, and it appears to have been a pretty great month. Certainly, one of the highlights was having Andrew's birth mother drive up with her boyfriend, and spend the day with us at our adoption support group holiday party. That was a first for our group...a birth mother at an adoptive family party. But, as I've always said, this particular birth mother is more like a sister or a daughter to me...I truly love, love, love this young woman, and we're blessed to have her in our family. We had a breakfast buffet at the house and my parents even came over to meet her. Then we headed out to Wendy's for our party, where all the families were so thrilled to meet Casey. Pete, as usual, played Santa for the kids. And, of course, Alex wanted nothing to do him the bearded man, EVEN THOUGH, this time he figured out it was his own daddy! But it was a wonderful day, as always out at Wendy's, and made even better by getting to share it with Casey.

Also in December was the tree lighting at our local duck pond. Always have fun there, yup, three little boys surrounded by an acre of slimy green and brown duck poop. But regardless, the lighting was beautiful, as always, and the boys discovered the thrill of rolling down hill. Not so much interested in the lights, Santa, the ducks or anything else. We pretty much spent that evening watching the boys roll downhill, over and over and over again. "Look, Mommy, watch dis!" Over and over and over again. What a lovely family tradition we've started.

Later in the month was Alex's first school performance. His pre-school class put on a song and dance Christmas show in the church sanctuary. Although with all 4 year olds, and mine in particular, is was more of a "Stare Like A Stump" to Christmas music show. Some of the kids were real show-stoppers....dancing and singing their hearts out. Alex, for the most part, just looked real cute in his Rudolph shirt, and on occasion would clap his hands or raise his arms as instructed...but for the most part, he had the glassy-eyed, gape-mouthed gaze down to a T! Nevertheless, I loved seeing my first born up there with all his classmates, dressed all in red and green, and doing whatever it was they were doing to entertain all the parents and grandparents. Alex may have stared like a stump, but he's my, beloved stump!

After the show was refreshment time, and we, along with my parents and Aunt BooBoo, enjoyed cookies, cake, pastries and breads and visiting with the other families. I tried my best to get a picture of the boys on stage, in front of the potted poinsettisas and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, but getting 3 boys under age 3 to pose was akin to herding cats. Just wasn't going to be done. I got one insanely grinning pose of Alex, looking like he'd been electrocuted, one angry, fighting and pulling away from momma shot with Andrew, and a calm pose of Austin, so calm he looks he just lost his best friend. What-r-ya-gonna-do?

Christmas was special this year, well, it is every year, being as blessed as we are, but I say extra special because Santa Clause actually came to our house Christmas morning! Threw Alex for a loop, because he thought he was ALL THAT because he had figured out at our adoption holiday party that it was his daddy playing Santa. But when Santa came in our backdoor from the Sunroom late Christmas morning, with some gifts that he had accidently "forgotten" to leave the night before...well, that just blew Alex away. He even sat on Santa's lap! Alex's belief in Santa Clause has been restored! Many thanks to our friend Paul for helping us pull that one off!

Three days after Christmas is Alex's birthday....he turned 4 in 08, and we celebrated with a "struction" party. Had another beautiful mild winter day at the local park, with a "struction" cake, pizza, ice cream, games, friends and a Lightning McQueen pinata. Pinatas are the bomb, lemme tell ya. My kids, well, all kids, from what I can tell, go bananas over a pinata. But that best part of all, as always, was seeing Alex surrounded by love and family and friends. Here's to a happy birthday, Alex!

So the year 2008 ended on a great note. It had been a busy, full year of settling in to our new house, deciding to grow our family yet again, me battling the on-again, off-again walking pneumonia, and working while trying to keep up with the boys. We were looking forward to a great 2009, and it would prove to be a doozy! Stay tuned for more adventures as my blogging resumes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

1 year

Wow, has it been almost a year since I blogged? That can't be...well, actually, yes it can. It's been a helluva year. In a lot of ways. Since I last blogged, I've seen the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. Right now, life is looking pretty darn good, so on this positive note, let the blogging resume.

I will try to pick up where I left off, just for the sake of continuity, coz I'm like that, and then try to stay very daily...well, weekly, or, at least, monthly in my blogging. Some things I can and will share; others, I will not. Suffice it to say, life is looking good again, and it's time to share some laughs and some tears.

I'll pick up again next week. Welcome back, me!